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Global Research & Marketing (GRM) is a Bangladesh based Market, Social, Healthcare, Industrial and Environmental research agency with matured expertise in global thinking, resourceful exploration and most effective solution in this field. GRM provides assistance from problem exploration to finding solution through marketing & social research. We passionately believe that great research is at the core of all business success so it’s our mission to raise the impact of research in organizations.


We are prominent, forward-looking, and customer-centric organization

Providing customized survey research and consultancy services to our valued clients to help overcome business problems and challenges they encounter more often. We constantly evolve to help our clients grow bigger over time.

Research illuminates the path to progress, turning curiosity into knowledge and ideas into innovation.


Successfully operating with reputation since 2012.


A research team with highly dedicated and professional researchers with adequate technical skills.


Having state-of– the art equipment and software for data analysis.


Currently serving a handful of MNCs and local companies.


Offering full-fledged market, social, industrial & environmental research services with nationwide field coverage.

Strength of GRM

  1. Self-Operational Team
  2. Experience Research Team
  3. Self-FGD Facilities
  4. Self-Enumerators Pool
  1. 64 Districts Coverage.
  2. Full-Service office.
  3. 40 In house Researchers and Employees.
  4. 1000+ enumerator pools
  1. Top Management
  2. Highly Skilled Researcher
  3. Field Managers
  4. Data quality Controller
  5. Field Supervisor
  6. Field Interviewers
  7. Daily Data Checking

Date Collection Techniques:


Maximize the effectiveness of your brand and marketing efforts

In the midst of shifting consumer trends, hybrid lifestyles, diverse touchpoints, and global challenges, marketers are facing a whirlwind of changes. Yet, amidst this uncertainty, the mandate remains: drive growth, fortify brand presence, enhance revenue streams, and maximize ROI

Rapidly propel and broaden your sales and market expansion

Developing the agility to swiftly anticipate and respond to market shifts is paramount for not only survival but also prosperity in today’s dynamic business landscape. As the one-to-many sales approach wanes in efficacy, businesses must cultivate a deeper comprehension of their customers to align with consumer expectations and enable tailored shopping experiences and channel-specific merchandising strategies.

Enhance your consumer and shopper intelligence to new heights

Securing dependable access to up-to-date consumer, brand, and market data is pivotal in comprehending and foreseeing the ever-evolving consumer preferences. This guarantees your ability to deliver the right products to the right customer, through the right channel, at precisely the right moment.

Uncover your audience’s media consumption and behavior

Gaining insight into how, when, and where audiences interact with content is pivotal for maximizing your return on investment in marketing and advertising endeavors. Our media measurement solutions empower you to pinpoint which channels draw specific audiences, enabling you to deliver a message that deeply resonates with your target demographic, at the optimal place and time.

Our Motto

Born to Build Reality From Idea...


Global Thinking

A diverse, interconnected approach to solving global challenges through collaboration, data-driven insights, and cross-cultural understanding


Resourceful Exploration

Maximizing resources to discover innovative solutions and broaden understanding


Most Effective Solution

Driving impactful and efficient outcomes through strategic problem-solving and innovation

Our mission is to raise the impact of research – and we're delivering

Our motto is to build and sustain relationships with clients based on trust. We believe in knowledge sharing approach undertaking individual research with clients to deliver benefits based on their requirements
With a highly dedicated team of qualitative and quantitative researchers, data analysts, and experienced data collection personnel, GRM is capable of conducting market, social, industrial & environmental feasibility research : both Qualitative & Quantitative
We’re recognized as one of the leading market research & survey agencies by awarding bodies in Bangladesh

“We are fully committed to making things right for our stakeholders and building trust among them. This is a long-term effort — which requires commitment, patience, and hard work.”

Abdul Hamid

Managing Director & CEO of GRM

Born to Build Reality From Idea...

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