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Research Manager/ Senior Research Manager- Social & Development Research

Program Highlights:

Job Title:  Research Manager/ Senior Research Manager
Job Role: Lead- Social Development Portfolio
Reporting: Managing Director, Board of Director
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Mirpur, Dhaka
Business Travel: As per requirement of project (at least 20%-30%)

Job Context:
Responsible for connecting diversified organization (International, National-Private and Public, Corporation and Ministry) with GRM in the context of developing opportunity for Social & Development (Full) and Marketing (partial) Research. Lead in executing company strategy for the department to meet the quality of research (proposal to final report) for stakeholder’s satisfaction. Need to have proven track records in leading team in preparing unique Research Proposals as per EOI/RFP published by local and international prospects and execute & supervise assigned projects (proposal to final report). Collaborate with Management & HR in building a performance driven culture and inclusive workplace.

Duties & Responsibilities:
A. Strategic
1.  Build and maintain solid partnerships and develop strong network with internal and external clients to better develop, coordinate, and execute the overall Business target & process of the department. Involve team members accordingly.
2.  Work closely with Managing Director/Directors of the company to enhance company profitability and to achieve the Goal set by Management for social (full) and marketing (partial) research wing.
3.  Analyze and select RFP, RFQ, EOI etc. from circulars of research work published in the Daily's, online or any apposite sources. Develop unique research proposal with suitable methodologies and tools to address the objective as per requirements. 
4.  Undertake inhouse studies, write research reports and articles for national and international journals individually and in groups, and represent the company in various forums through dissemination, discussions and presentation.
B. Leadership
5.  Assign team members the selected circulars as per capacity & workload.
6.  Supervise team members during conducting any research projects, M&E related activities comes at all the stages from planning and designing to report drafting, data analysis, and results dissemination in order to provide holistic solutions to clients.
7. Lead client relationships for research projects, and ensure research deliverables meet high quality standards that are actionable and reflect GRM highest level of commitment for their clients. Keep track of team members client relationship management activities.
8.  Provide training and necessary support to team so that they can be equipped to understand, execute, manage, and serve effectively to the existing and new clients.
9.  Review research projects, analyzes results and provides recommendations based on findings if needed.
10. Develop capacity of research & field team by providing required training and guide them to deliver quality service for clients.
C. Operational
11. Develop submit & present research proposal. Negotiate and successfully close deal with clients. 
12. Prepare the research plan & budget independently based on client's requirement and share with the management for execution.
13. Ensure submission of report with stipulated time through proper supervision and follow-up of fieldwork i.e. data collection procedure.
14. Write research reports and articles for national and international journals individually and in groups, and represent the company in various forums through dissemination, discussions and presentation.
15. Attain and maintain close relationship with prospective clients and understand clients' requirements for social (full) and marketing (partial) research.
16. Build & maintain close relationship with consultants of each research project for making the project successful.
17. Prepare & submit monthly and quarterly reports as per management requirement.
Experience Requirements
• Clarity of understanding the strategic, leadership and operational expectations of the role with proven track records.
• At least 5-10 year(s) relevant experience in the field of core Social & Development research in any reputed Research Organization.
• Must have comprehensive & contemporary knowledge in Research Design/ Analysis and Reporting and Good Knowledge on data acquisition and fieldwork.
• Should have professional rapport with related Govt. Donner, NGO & INGOs, etc. stakeholders. 
• Expert level proficiency in MS Office Suits, Statistical software (R, SPSS, STATA) etc.
Educational Requirements:
PhD & Post-Doctoral (preferred) and/or Post Graduate (must) in Sociology/ Social Work/ Social Welfare/ Economics/ Statistics/ Anthropology/ Development Studies and allied fields.
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Executive- Business Development & Client Relationship

Program Highlights:

Job Title: Executive- Business Development & Client Relationship
Knowledge: Research Industries
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Mirpur, Dhaka

Experience Requirements:

  • 0-2 year(s) relevant experience in the field of research industries.
  • Freshers can also apply
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suits, etc.


Educational Requirements: Graduate/ Post Graduate (must) in Business Development and allied fields.

Application Last Date: 10th December, 2023

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Position Name: Internship

Are you ready to embark on a journey of hands-on learning and professional growth? Join our dynamic team and gain valuable experience in global relationship management.

Program Highlights:
1. Real-world Experience: Dive into exciting projects that make a difference.
2. Mentorship: Learn from industry experts and leaders in the field.
3. Skill Development: Sharpen your skills through practical, meaningful work.
4. Networking: Connect with professionals, building valuable relationships.
5. Innovation: Contribute to cutting-edge projects shaping the future.

Why GRM Internship?
- Meaningful work that aligns with your career goals.
- A collaborative and inclusive work culture.
- Opportunities for personal and professional development.
- Recognition for your contributions.

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